Yay for fresh produce, food and crafts!

It is excellent news to hear that we have more healthy, homegrown options on the way...as well as some other items from local businesses (including craft items like jewelry) who can use your support!

Saturday, May 16th is the opening date, and then will be open every Saturday from 9 am until 2 pm through Sept. 19th at the beautiful Windward Beach Park! Rain or shine, no pets.

Of course there will be some strict social-distancing rules in place but the thought of this and other farmer's markets reopening just brings me joy. It's just so much better than feeling the walls close in around you at a supermarket.

Like the grocery stores, masks are required if you are shopping there, even though you are outdoors. (Vendors will also be required to wear gloves.) Everyone will move in one direction while shopping, staying six feet apart.

And you won't be able to handle all the produce...so you'll have to point to what you want and have the vendor get it for you. Not ideal, especially if you like to smell, squeeze and otherwise 'feel' your produce to see if it's to your liking, but these are the times we live in.

There will be no sampling of products, either. And although there will be a display of what items are available, the bulk of the items will be kept away from the general population being able to breathe on them.

So are it looks like over 40 vendors will be on hand at some point over the summer, although not all vendors will be there every single week.

For a list of all vendors coming to the Brick Farmers Market, CLICK HERE. For Facebook updates, CLICK HERE.

So show some love for farmers, growers, and artisans and mark your calendars to attend! Feels more like summer already with this good news :)

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