If you've ever bought or sold something from someone online, you know it can be dangerous (and scary) to meet with a stranger at your home or theirs to complete the transaction.

One Monmouth County town is now offering a safe public place to conduct your business!

The Brielle Police Department announced on their Facebook page that they are participating in marketplace app OfferUp's 'MeetUp Spots' program. Buyers and sellers can meet up in the BPD parking lot in the new designated space.

OfferUp distributes kits to local police departments and businesses so they can provide safe trading spots. The kit includes instructions and signs, and are to be used in places that are brightly lit and have video surveillance.

On their Facebook post, Brielle PD says, "Having a designated public space to conduct a transaction can help deter criminal intent and activity."

Obviously, you still want to use caution when exchanging money or items with strangers, but this makes it a little easier!

Other local police departments and businesses have similar programs in place to make online shopping a little safer. Contact your local police department to find out if there's an official program or safe exchange location in your town.

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