Things just went from zero to SHE'S COMING real quick, y'all.

From her V Magazine spread in March up until last night, the ever-parched Army has not-so-patiently relied on the Las Vegas Sun's Robin Leach and RCA executives to sip on even the tiniest spills regarding new music from Miss Britney Spears.

Mercifully, she decided to quench the thirst yesterday (June 2).

The day began with Britney graciously acknowledging her long-reported-but-never-officially-confirmed upcoming single "Make Me (Oooh)" at last by posing in some "Slave"-meets-Vegas showgirl sparkliness on the video set with G-Eazy. "Ooh look who I found...," she wrote. Exciting!

Ooh, but you wanted moah? Well, she gave us moah.

A few hours later, B-Girl kept the photos from the set coming — and things got a little S-S-S-&-M-M-M in a really cool and vintage leather harness alongside a hot tattooed dude.

"Steamy camera lens means the shoot was 🔥 today!" Dominatrixney wrote. Consider "nasty bitch mommy" mode formally initiated.

All that would have sufficed for the day, but no: she'd just begun (having her fun).

E!'s Marc Malkin suddenly came through with a late night report from the set of Britney's music video, featuring an interview with Chillney, where we learned the following:

1.) Baby blue is her favorite color, and Marc Malkin's suit proved to be distracting.
2.) She's been working on this project (Album 9) for almost two years. "It's like my baby," she explained, echoing her V Magazine sentiments. (For those following along — Britney Jean: "Personal." Album 9: "My baby.")
3.) The upcoming album's sound is "a little melodic, a little more...not so poppy. It's kind of chill. Very chill." #NotSoPoppyney is coming.
4.) She is listening to The Rolling Stones (?), The Lumineers (???) and "Sade is nice."
5.) She's off to go have lunch now in her bodysuit and thigh-high boots, thanks very much.

Oh right, and one more thing: "Make Me (Oooh)" is being directed by David LaChapelle.

The only appropriate reaction:

Britney Everytime

LaChapelle, aside from being a genius photographer and director, is a longtime Britney collaborator who has produced several legitimately iconic moments with B from the very beginning: from the infamously controversial 1999 Rolling Stone cover to the Onyx Hotel Tour promos to "Everytime" — inarguably one of her greatest videos of all time.

And just when you thought it was finally safe to go clutch your Godney rosary beads, say a prayer over some vanilla candles and scurry off to bed...

"Day one: ✔" she tweeted around 1 AM EST, posing in a strappy something-or-other amid sixteen shirtless (and/or mostly shirtless) Piece Of Me dancers and PROFESSIONAL POLE DANCERS in a dingy basement.

"It's kind of chill. Very chill."

Ironically, this fanbase has already lost its chill. And that was only day one of filming.

Stay tooohned...

Britney Kicks Off Remixed, Reimagined and Still Iconic Piece Of Me Residency:

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