Dimitrios Kambouris, Getty Images

According to the National Enquirer, Bruce Willis asked for a face-to-face with Ashton Kutcher and when they met, Bruce let him have it about humiliating Demi and the kids. Ashton reportedly begged Willis to help him save the marriage.

Now, I'm not sure about all that, but I can't be the only one thinking that over the years there were times that the whole Bruce, Demi and Ashton thing was a little weird. I mean, it's great if you can stay friends with an ex, but all the vacations and time they spent together? I'll say this. If my wife was once married to Bruce Willis, I wouldn't want him hanging around all the time, but then again, I'm no Ashton Kutcher. I guess these days, that might  not be such a bad thing!

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