We can take a walk around the block or neighborhood, but that's about it for now. While I strongly suggest you get out of the house in small, safe groups, there are ways to bring the best of New Jersey nature right to a screen near you.

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Cape May County Park & Zoo, one of the best in the tri-state in my opinion, is doing virtual tours daily and they are calling it 'CMC Virtual Zoo School.' It's all happening on the zoo's Facebook page.

The program started Wednesday and will happen each day at 11:30 a.m. This is something you should absolutely fit into your at-home curriculum. Each day Cape May Zoo will feature a short clip of a different animal and challenge you to get involved right from home.

Check out Wednesday's tour of 'Primate Point' below. Episodes will be available after they are filmed live on Cape May County Zoo's Facebook page, and eventually on YouTube. Go, enjoy nature! It's pretty amazing.

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