🔴 The driver who was shot at admitted to police he was in the wrong

🔴 No arrest has been made in the shooting

🔴 In another incident Wednesday, a driver was hit with a baseball bat

LAKEWOOD — Police are looking for a driver who fired a shot during a road rage incident late Thursday night.

A 22-year-old Lakewood man told police he accidentally cut off the driver at the intersection of Route 70 and Massachusetts Avenue, according to Capt. Gregory Staffordsmith.

As they drove north on Massachusetts, the other driver fired a single round at the driver's side door. No arrest has been made.

Staffordsmith asked anyone with information about the shooting to call the department at 732-363-0200.

Police investigate a road rage shooting in Lakewood 6/22/23
Police investigate a road rage shooting in Lakewood 6/22/23 (The Lakewood Scoop)

Violent road rage

It was the second violent road rage incident in the past two days in New Jersey.

Stephan Mullin, 32, of Deptford is charged with assault after Gloucester Township police said he bashed another driver with a baseball bat in Clementon Wednesday night after his attempt at merging nearly caused a crash.

The other driver sped off but pulled over near Blackwood Clementon Road and the Millbridge Apartments on the border with Gloucester Township when he saw Mullin had followed him, police said.

Instead of remaining in his vehicle, the other driver got out and kicked Mullin's car. In response, Mullin grabbed a small baseball and repeatedly hit the victim in his arm, back, and ribs, according to police. Mullin later went to Gloucester Township police to report a crash but gave a different version of events.

Mullin is being held at Camden County Correctional Facility.

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