It is day #23525 of Quarantine and it is safe to say that most of us are going nuts.

So we have to get creative and find new ways to keep ourselves entertained....and I think this one is a good one...

If you head over to, you can play a free version of "Cards Against Humanity" with up to 5 of your friends! (6 players total)

Thanks to Ella who also suggested!

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FYI: The rules for "Cards Against Humanity" is basically the same as "Apples to Apples"...Cards Against Humanity is just more for adults.

So here is how you can play!

Step 1: Set up a group phone call with all other players.

You can use any calling system because allows all players to see the screen at once. This step is just suggested so all players remain on the same page and everyone knows whose turn it is.

Step 2: Find and click on "Cards Against Humanity."

Step 3: Click "Start Game" and then share the game link with your friends that you wish to challenge.

Step 4: Before getting started, click on the icon that looks like a briefcase in the top left corner to edit all players' names.

**It is also suggested to click the bar icon near the bottom of the screen so you can choose a game piece widget to put next to the judge.

Remember....the black cards are the Questions being asked by the judge of each round and the white cards are the possible responses.

Now get to it and have fun!

Head to for a closer look at this online version of "Cards Against Humanity."

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