It looks like the Casino Pier will have new rides and attractions ready just in time for Summer 2019 -- and best of all they are bringing back one of the classics.

Get ready because the fan-favorite known as "Centrifuge" is making its big return after being destroyed in Superstorm Sandy back in 2012.

This ride is described as, " an 'indoor scrambler' but with a modern twist. It will feature 'pulsating music in a fog of manic multicolored strobe lights during the high-power push-and-pull creating a centrifugal force."

Casino Pier in Seaside Heights (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)
Casino Pier in Seaside Heights

Also joining Centrifuge are three brand new rides to also look forward to:

Mermaid Parade log flume  - 130 foot-long track with a small drop at the end

Elephant Express - young riders can climb on the back of an elephant and take flight using lever controls

Crazy Cabs - this ride will spin clockwise and counter-clockwise on an angled, motion-based platform.

And believe it or not, we are not done spilling the good news yet!

Casino Pier is also bringing back brand new games including a dart stand, Hang Time, Fish Pond, and Cat Rack plus a new 4K video game called "Halo: Fireteam Raven," which allows up to four players to fight against the enemy to save the galaxy.

Take a look at the original article HERE while we count down the days until Summer of 2019 officially starts.

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