Not everyone enjoys your "Livin' On A Prayer" ringtone, and you're probably the only one who wants to hear about what you're eating for dinner tonight. A nationwide survey finds a large chunk of Americans are annoyed by their co-workers' poor cell phone etiquette.

Yagi Studio, Getty Images

In the survey conducted by Harris Interactive, 65 percent of respondents said loud conversations, had by others while on the job, bother them the most. Nearly 60 percent complained about co-workers who kept their phones on "vibrate mode," instead of silencing them or turning them off completely.

"When you use your phone, you need to remember that you're sharing space with others, and how you use your phone can impact them," said Barbara Pachter, business etiquette expert with Pachter & Associates in Cherry Hill. "If you want people to be polite with their phones, you have to be polite with yours."

Pachter said it just takes a few people keeping their phones at full volume to make a workplace sound like an orchestra.

More than half of survey respondents said they get bothered when people check their phones while having an in-person conversation.

"The problem is that everyone seems to think that the phone can be a third person in the room, and we don't want a third person in the room," Pachter said. "If I'm speaking with you, I want to connect with you, and I don't want to be distracted by potentially somebody else interrupting us."

Text messaging at work has become an issue as well. Pachter said workers think they can hide their phones and try to get away with it during meetings, but at least one person knows what they're up to.

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