Howard and Linda McKeon opened their family business 45 years ago. Little did they know that this business would attract a community that would become a second family to them.

The announcement on Facebook included a heartwarming statement from the owners.

Thanks to the friends who became like family over the past 45 years in business, it's you that we will miss the most.

Heartfelt comments flooded social media with memories of Center Food Market and well wishes for Howie and Linda on their much-deserved retirement.

Customers and Friends Say Goodbye to Center Food Market in Manasquan

Center Food Market on Main Street in Manasquan held a closing sale on Saturday, April 17 as they sold the store's antiques, tables, chairs, equipment, and supplies. They also served the sandwiches that a community has come to love one last time.

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One would be hard-pressed to find a tastier sloppy joe than those made with love at Center Food Market. I don't know "the secret ingredient" in their tuna salad, but I doubt I'll ever be able to find anything close.

Whether you were enjoying your school lunch break or stocking up for a fun day at the beach, Center Food Market always came through. It's very rare that you see a business of any kind connected with the community the way that Center Food Market did.

If you've lived in the Manasquan area for any length of time, there's a pretty good chance that you've had Center Food Market cater an event or you've been to a celebration that featured CFM's delicious food.

Thank you to Howard and Linda McKeon, and the entire staff of Center Food Market for over 45 years of feeding and serving your community. We will miss you.

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