Daylight savings time! My favorite time of winter. Yes, we lose an hour of sleep, but we gain sunlight. Those who suffer from seasonal depression have something to look forward to. The weather is supposed to be great over the next few days so you may want to get a jumpstart on that spring cleaning. I know I began mine today! Deep cleaning each room from ceiling to floor may be a chore but it’s so rewarding to get rid of those pesky dust bunnies. You may be wondering why I am equating the change of time with cleaning. Well, I have this routine that may save a life. I am all about helping people be organized and safe in their homes. Every time we spring ahead or fall behind, I change the batteries in my smoke detectors. It’s one of those things that get forgotten…unless of course you are a problem in the kitchen. Then you probably know how well they work. HAHAHA The best way not to forget them is to write it on your calendar for daylight savings and then change them as you go around changing your clocks.

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