I know residents of Ocean Gate don't like when I talk about their adorable town because the fewer people visiting this little gem in Ocean County is better. But, we have to celebrate this beauty.

I live in Bayville, so close to Ocean Gate, and every day I sit on the beach in Ocean Gate, watching the beautiful sunset.

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Watching a sunset and sunrise here at the Jersey Shore is amazing.

John Foxx, Getty Stock, ThinkStock
John Foxx, Getty Stock, ThinkStock

We live in the most beautiful place to see a sunrise. Every summer we broadcast every Friday morning from the beach. Many listeners come to the beach to see a spectacular view of the sun over the ocean. We've had some fabulous sunrises over the last couple of years and they continue to be beautiful during New Jersey's summer, fall, and winter. Yes, the sunrise is always gorgeous, it's a "new" day. But, the sunset is just glorious.

A sunrise, to me, is so peaceful. If you had a bad day, look up, and you will feel healed. If we could sell a sunrise or sunset from the Jersey Shore, we'd be rich.

I am truly spoiled watching the beautiful sunset along the bay. We have the beautiful sun come up here in Ocean County and when the sun goes down. Go check out a sunset, you won't be sorry. Bring the family, they will love it. A sunset is FREE.

Check out these amazing sunsets in beautiful Ocean Gate. Anywhere in Ocean County, the ocean or the bay, the sunset is gorgeous.

4 Amazing Sunsets in Ocean Gate, NJ

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