Love is in the air across New Jersey. And despite what others may say, we are pretty lucky to call the Garden State our home.

Speaking of love, did you know there are some towns with lovely sounds to their names? With all the negativity thrown at this state, it's nice to see positivity within our borders.

In fact, you can even make a game of it and see how many of these towns you can visit over the weekend. Maybe even stay a night in one of these towns and split your lovely trip into two. A perfect way to spend the weekend with that special someone.

And if you're single? No sweat, you can still have fun with this as well. Just grab your friends and make a road trip of it.

With that said, here are a few across the Great Garden State that gives those warm vibes all year long.

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Harmony (Warren)

Let's start our trip along the Delaware River and make a stop in Warren County. It is there you'll hear the harmonic music in the air of Harmony Township. How can you not feel the romance with a name like that?

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Harpswell (Cumberland)

Want to take that harmony to the next level? Just head on down to Cumberland County. It is there you'll hear the lovely sound of harps coming from the town of Harpswell.

Crocus flowers in snow

Bloomfield (Essex)

Thinking of flowers? The Garden State lives up to its name. Aside from the beautiful flowers in spring, our town names can also give the sense of that beautiful bouquet of flowers freshly picked from the fields. What a better place to do that than in the town of Bloomfield in Essex County.

Roses, backgrounds, love.

Roseland (Essex)

Maybe you're thinking of the classics for your loved one. A dozen red roses? New Jersey's got you covered as Essex County is also home to the town of Roseland.

Cherry Blossoms In Bonn
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Magnolia (Camden)

What if those blooms you're looking for are not in a field, but rather up in the trees. Camden County has the ideal town name for you if that's what you're looking for. Hello, Magnolia.

Sunrise in Bradley Beach
Sunrise in Bradley Beach (Bud McCormick)

Beach Haven (Ocean)

And of course, no Jersey romance would be complete without a trip to the beach. Enter Ocean County and a final destination to the town of Beach Haven.

Whether you're in a relationship or not, there's no reason you can't enjoy the weekend and make a day trip to at least one of these locations. Make it an adventure, and have a great time.

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