I love when Casino Pier in Seaside Heights gets a new ride.

It's always a fun night at the boardwalk especially when I can go on my favorite rides, this one looks like fun.

Check this new ride out on the Seaside Heights Boardwalk:

New Ride in Seaside Heights: XOLO LOCA (Opening Soon)

You get to choose which car you get into. How cool, it's considered a Big Air Coaster opening soon at Casino Pier. You can choose to roll or spin with the oval shaped open-air cars running on an oval shaped track. There are some spinning cars. WOW, yikes, spin the whole time. Or, you could choose the roll-over car. It's not quite open yet, very soon for this summer.

XOLO LOCA can hold sixteen passengers at a time and 2 passengers in the rolling car and 4 in each spinning car. Oh, I still don't think I could do the spinning one.

The name of the coaster is XOLO LOCA. Xolo is the name of Mexico's native dog, the pride and joy of Mexico. Mexico is rich in history and a deep connection to the spirit world. You can ride your own spirit dog and spin away to another time or place, according to casinopier.com.

XOLO LOCA is located behind the swings and next to the ultra cool and very popular music express. It's located right in front of Moby Dick. Some cool rides right in that little area. My family is going to love this, anything spinning.

It's great to see a packed boardwalk with rides. It's always fun. A ride right around that area is the pirate roller coaster. I love that one.

Have fun in Seaside.

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