People always ask me for marital advice. My answer is always the same: When I was married we slept in separate beds. I slept in Jersey and she slept in Pennsylvania! I’m kidding, of course, but it was good to see that if you want to go to the marriage capital of New Jersey, head to Jersey City.

Do you want your marriage to stay healthy and last a long time? Then move to Jersey City. The big news is that Jersey City ranks number 2 in the country for getting and staying married.

According to Lawnstarter, which conducted the survey, there were 11 factors that went into establishing the best and the worst cities to get and stay married.

Some of those factors that weighed heavy on the results include the rate of married households to the change in the divorce rate and the number of wedding venues and spaces available in the city.

Jersey City ranks high in the biggest 5-year decrease in separation and divorce. They also rank high in the number of wedding venues and spaces per 100,000 residents. These were also factors in naming Jersey City as a great place to get married and stay married.

As a matter of fact, a new study came out in 2022 ranking Jersey City 6th best in outdoor weddings, again another tribute to the large number of venues available.

During the pandemic, the thought from some was that the divorce rate would go up as couples were expected to get tired and claustrophobic from the long period of being in close quarters and forced to staying home and in some cases working from home.
Instead of negative feelings and allowing those to hurt the marriage, most couples rebounded and found a way together to cope with the pandemic and successfully run their households on less income and with other abnormal variables that were thrown their way.

Some experts describe that attitude as a game-winning mode with the winning result is that they survived by helping each other and collectively surviving a pandemic. This attitude brought most couples together.

It’s a known fact that the divorce rate overall in this country is decreasing but experts point out that there is also a decrease in new marriages. Fewer people are getting married.

With the pandemic, there were so many venues, spaces, caterers, florists, limos and trolley companies that were shut down for business. Couples postponed their nuptials until after the pandemic restrictions have eased. Now that they have it’s not abnormal to celebrate a wedding on a Monday or Tuesday because that’s the only day available at the venue.

So if you want to get married go to Jersey City, they have the venues and a track record of longer marriages. That’s great, cheers to you.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 weekend host Big Joe Henry. Any opinions expressed are Big Joe’s own.

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