Texting and driving is a dangerous combination and it seems no amount of laws or tickets is stopping it from happening.

One company's campaign hopes to encourage safer driving (and texting) habits.

AT&T has named today their 'No Text on Board' Pledge Day as part of the 'It Can Wait' campaign.

The National Safety Council estimates around 2 million crashes a year are caused by cell phones and texting.

By signing the pledge, you agree that:

No text message, email, website or video is worth the risk of endangering my life or the lives of others on the road. I pledge to never text and drive and will take action to educate others about the dangers of texting while driving.

We all see people texting and using their phones while driving. Some people make it much clearer than others how dangerous it can be, but the truth is, it is a huge risk for everyone.

Even if you think you're a great driver and have no problem using your phone at the same time, it's still a distraction.

I know that I have texted while driving, but for the most part I will only text in my car if I'm at a stoplight. I don't even like to use the hands-free feature on my phone because I find myself not driving as well as I normally do.

You become less aware of the cars around you and more focused on the person on the other end of the phone.

It's dangerous, and whomever you're speaking to can wait for you to get out of the car. If the call or text is that important, just pull over to answer it.

The delay it will take to pull over is for sure shorter than the delay of an accident.

That being said, people know the risks, and will continue to text and drive. So what will it take?

What would deter people from texting and driving?