Conservative influencer Christian Walker caused a scene in a Starbucks drive-thru after pop star Kehlani took it upon herself to warn the staff about the infamous social media troll in the car up behind her.

Walker posted a video of their interaction on Twitter.

In the clip, Walker exits his car in the drive-thru and approaches the car in front of him, who he dubbed "This LOVING TOLERANT INCLUSIVE woman" in the caption.

The driver is revealed as none other than Kehlani, the renowned R&B singer and pop star who has collaborated with the likes of Justin Bieber, Burna Boy, and T-Pain.

Walker's caption alleges that Kehlani told the baristas he was "that a--hole from TikTok."

"Ma'am, you don't need to tell baristas that I'm an a--hole because I have an opinion," he tells them.

Kehlani smiles and laughs as he gets in her face and says, "Get your drink and go away. You wanna tell baristas I'm an a--hole?"

"Yeah, I'm telling them to be mindful..." Kehlani begins before being cut off by more of Walker's yelling.

"Well, guess what, you're the a--hole," he continues.

Kehlani clearly lets it roll off their back. "Oh, my goodness," she says, laughing as as Walker rants on before returning to his vehicle.

Watch the drama unfold below:

Needless to say, the internet was not impressed with the spectacle Walker created.

In a tweet, Walker tried dragging Kehlani as a "forgotten" pop star, which a Twitter user quoted and added, "Let’s talk about the fact that Kehlani’s tour (that starts in a couple weeks) sold out with just pre-sales… oh okay."

"Kehlani said 'God bless you' and kept laughing I can’t," another fan tweeted.

One fan captured the whole situation with a simple tweet: "Kehlani looking radiant and unbothered while Christian Walker is pressed and distressed. We win!"

In Instagram Stories that have since been reposted and discussed on Twitter and TikTok, a previous incident at Starbucks found Walker ranting in the drive-thru about the lack of American flags amongst the Pride flags hung in the cafe's window.

"I'm gonna ask them if they need me to deliver a frickin' American flag," he says in the clip, after calling Pride flags "flags from hell."

He then goes on to disrupt the Starbucks baristas' day by asking: "Do y'all have an American flag up? Or should I bring one, 'cause you have a bunch of Pride flags up but no American ones?"

Naturally, the barista responds: "Ummm..."

"Okay, so you have five Pride flags up and you don't have one American one," he shouts. "Just go ahead and be disrespectful."

Watch below:

Walker, who is attracted to men but does not identify as gay, is the son of a former football player. He has garnered a conservative following on social media for his rants and views.

Walker is also an avid Donald Trump supporter who led the Gays For Trump March in 2020.

Watch Kehlani's "melt" Music Video:

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