If you want to try out for one of these new shows, you could come away a big winner! Otherwise, at least it's new entertainment instead of the same old stuff on tv.

-- D.L. Hughley will co-host a new series called "Trust Me, I'm a Game Show Host" on TBS. It'll be his job to decieve the contestants. He'll tell each contestant two things that sound like they couldn't possibly be true. But one is. The contestant has to decide which one. The show is due out late this year.

-- NBC will air a trivia game show where contestants will play 24 hours a day for 12 days. "The Million Second Quiz" will air in primetime and will stream 24 hours a day online. Contestants will compete online before four are chosen to play on the air. The winner could go home with as much as $10 million. No premiere date has been announced yet.

-- Calling all nerds. TBS is giving fans the chance to be one of the contestants in "King of the Nerds." The contestant the fans choose will be called "The People's Nerd." If you want to apply, make a video of no more than five minutes showing your nerdiness. Whoever is crowned king of the Nerds gets $100,000!!!!!

-- ABC has picked up a show called "Sing Your Face Off". Contestants will transform themselves into a different celebrity to perform that singer's songs. Each contestant will spend hours in a makeup chair and days with choreographers and vocal coaches as they are judged on how they embody everything about their assigned musical star -- from their walk, to their talk, to their distinguishing mannerisms. There are no eliminations, but there is one winner announced in the finale. The show is already running in 20 countries overseas.