And they want your kids to learn the fine art of golf, too!

Swing Loose Indoor Golf will be a place for everyone's entertainment, training, practicing, summer camp, lessons, or competition. This first location will feature six golf simulator bays. Golfers of all ages, from first-timers to those who are accomplished golfers, you'll play with real golf clubs and real golf balls on the world's most realistic and reliable golf simulator - Trackman Golf. Your golf shot will be projected on a 9' x 16' movie screen.

TRACKMAN displays each shot's 3D trajectory along with 26 impact and ball flight parameters in real time within a second. The simulator allows you to play or practice on the same famous courses that your favorite pro golfers compete on. The motto: Swing Loose, Swing Often ™ (A golf swing should be loose and tension free in order to maximize club head speed. It can be a difficult skill to master.)

The only way to improve your golf game is to practice often – every day if possible. Swing Loose will provide the most realist golf experience, in the ideal climate, 365 days a year. They will be located at the newly reinvented Bell Works Metroburb in Holmdel and if you haven't been inside Bell Works you REALLY need to get yourself there for lunch!!!

  • You'll be able to play via membership or “Sim Card” (hourly card purchase for blocks of hours), book private parties, league play, camps, and more  
  • Swing Loose is excited to be employing local high school students, as well as setting up both junior and children’s camps for local children.
  • The ribbon cutting ceremony is the morning of Feb. 25th (around 9am.)  It will take place right after the Chamber of Commerce (Holmdel) meeting concludes and should have many local elected officials present.  The Grand Opening will take place the following week on March 4th.
  • The overall technology and graphics/realism of watching your shots from every angle on the big screen are just staggering and your kids and teens will love this as much as those who already are great at the game of Golf. 

James Fiore and Pete Myers, who are bringing Swing Loose to Holmdel, have been great friends since back in college. Can't wait to get over there and meet them :)

For all the details about how this will work, CLICK HERE!

Follow their progress  by CLICKING HERE!

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