When a Halloween decoration looks too realistic, who are you gonna call? The police, apparently!

TikToker @Daniellelt93 uploaded a TikTok video of her Halloween display with the caption, "Not every day you get blue lights and sirens outside." The video racked up nearly 6 million views.

Someone called the local U.K. police regarding her display, which featured a "dead body" in garbage bags with shoes peeking out alongside an acoustic guitar on her lawn. Danielle assured him that it was just a decoration, however, he had to go up and see for himself.

“It’s realistic then, yeah?” she told him, to which he just smiled.

He then approached the decoration and kicked the shoes to make sure that it wasn't a real dead body. One of the shoes came undone and she asked him if he wanted to tape that back on for her, he just laughed in response.

Danielle revealed in the comments section that he told her to remove the body bag until Halloween on Oct. 31.

People flooded the comments section with jokes, puns and questions.

"Can’t tell if he’s amused or annoyed at the call out or both and also mildly I pressed and scared," one user wrote. Another added, "Halloween: the best time to get rid of some 'body.'"

Danielle pinned the comment, "Just to let you know the lady has just come recently single she doesn’t know where her partner is."

Another person suggested that the officer thought, "Through his mind ‘is there anything illegal about this.'"

“He had to make sure, it would be a good cover,” a user wrote.

“Police training skills kicked in literally,” another said.

“That’s one way to get the neighbours to leave you alone,” a person joked.

“At least you know you did a good job,” someone added.

“One year I put caution tape around my house and absolutely no trick-or-treaters came by,” a TikToker commented.

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