It's not for them to watch us, it's for us to keep an eye on them.

We think.

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New Jersey State Park Police were led to an area in the Wharton State Forest that someone had "installed" a "UFO Detection Device." Installed may be a stretch. Device may be a stretch.

This happened last week on Saw Dust Pile Road in Tabernacle Township.

Now, this "device" apparently sparked a lot of interest, as State Park Police descended on the scene with officers, K-9s, and detectives.

To disarm the device, experts had to..... well, unplug "the headphone wire from the block of wood and the soup can it was plugged into."


Today the NJ State Park Police were made aware of a “UFO Detector Site” which was located on Saw Dust Pile Road in...

Posted by New Jersey State Park Police on Friday, April 9, 2021

Was it someone's idea of a practical joke? Or did someone actually think "the device" would actually do something?

We may never know!

New Jersey State Park Police do say that if you ever see anything suspicious like this one of our state parks, you should give them a call. That's what they do.

So ends (we think) the case of the UFO Detector!

Cue Twilight Zone music....

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