The wheels are turning at least in a proposal for a fast rail line that would run through Ocean, Monmouth, Middlesex County and up to Essex County to start but it could eventually run through the entire state.


Berkeley Township Council President John Bacchione who is leading the efforts for a speed rail, along with his council says it is still in the infancy stages.

Should this proposal succeed it could impact tourism in a positive manner as well as the economy and environment in New Jersey.

Bacchione believes real estate values will also 'skyrocket' and has optimism about the potentials of this 'fast rail line' which could speed up the efforts of a commute to New York City.

"One of the biggest industries here in Ocean County is tourism," said Bacchione. "The other benefit is your not burning the fossil fuel. The source of energy that moves this rail is magnetic propulsion which is used in Europe and Asia."

Think about this, should this fast rail become a reality Bacchione believes the commute would be faster especially if your interning or working in New York City because there would be less stops, and the train itself would travel at speeds between 160 and 220 mph.

After a conversation with Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno, Bacchione said she was "encouraged" by what the proposed project presented and advised him to present the idea to the Ocean County Freeholders.

But how will such a thing be funded so that it can move forward and function?

Guadagno suggested to Bacchione the idea of private funding, at which Berkeley's Council President added that perhaps it may come from such companies as the Port Authority, the Turnpike Authority, The Parkway Authorities or even an insurance company which would then be reviewed by an exploratory committee.

"This rail system, although suggested from Manahawkin to Newark, New Jersey is like a calico set," said Bacchione. "It can always be added on. Maybe now all the sudden we now go from Manahawkin to Atlantic City...and maybe this would revive the Atlantic City area."

In a fast paced world where we live among a generation in dire need of information now, Bacchione said this rail line would get you from point a to point b that much quicker.

"The possibility of collateral benefits is endless," said Bacchione. "I think there's an opportunity here that we can resurrect and see if it gets any legs."

So in the end what has to happen for such a ride to exist?

"It's the Berkeley Township council as a whole who sent the resolution proposing a speed rail to the freeholders for review," said Bacchione. "I don't have any commitments yet from anyone about any kind of financing. Were just trying to get an interest sparked here."

He adds if the freeholders do start an exploratory committee, which would review the matters over time, he would volunteer as a member.

The proposal is indeed in the preliminary stages and nothing would happen soon but the idea of it is in fact being reviewed especially on how big the line could be, and where it would be.

"It's going to take funding, it's going to take time," said Bacchione. "This is not an overnight project. I'm optimistic to get an interest in this."

Should the proposed line still in 'preliminary stages' pass, where would stations pick up people?

"I suggested Manahawkin and all the surrounding municipalities, I think we go as far south as Little Egg Harbor then your into Atlantic County," said Bacchione. "You can pick up the people from Little Egg Harbor, Waretown, Barnegat that might go to the Manahawkin station, and go north."

After that the line would pick up in Toms River, Beachwood, Ocean Gate before another stop in Middletown.