It looks like there is only one thing that can have all things go back to the way things were: a vaccine.

The good news is that there are a lot of different COVID-19 vaccines that are being tests and have even reached human trials, but health experts just made a startling discovery.

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When it does come time to administer the vaccine to the general public, it looks like each person will need not just one, but two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine about three to four weeks apart.

FYI: That is 660 million doses for everyone in the USA to get two each.

"There's no question that this is going to be the most complicated, largest vaccination program in human history, and that's going to take a level of effort, a level of sophistication, that we've never tried before," said Dr. Kelly Moore, a health policy professor at Vanderbilt University.
 Complicated indeed because there are two major problems with this announcement.
1. How will we get enough protective gear for our health professionals administering  the vaccine?
In theory, our health experts are going to need double the amount of protective equipment to keep themselves safe. If just one dose of the vaccine isn't enough, that means that transmission can still happen after only receiving one dose.
2. Will people be diligent enough to get both doses?
We all know how people are. You know that there will be individuals who get one dose and think it is enough and ignore the experts' advice. This COULD mean that COVID-19 has another chance to resurface in those not receiving the full dose of medicine they need to be immune.
But......let's focus on the positives here. This piece would not even be written if we weren't seriously close to a successful vaccine.
Is getting two doses a bit more complicated? Yes.
But will we make it work? Yes....we always do.
One step at a time people....and 94.3 The Point will be with you every step of the way.
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