20 teenagers tested positive for COVID-19 following a house party and are now giving health officials a hard time as they try to trace.

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Where are these kids' parents? Why aren't they helping?

The struggle is real in Middletown Township where health officials are getting resistance when it comes to collecting information they need to stop the spread.

According to 6 ABC News, officials say that not all teenagers are cooperating, even though all 20 of the recent cases are in teenagers aged 15-19.

The health department said:

Unfortunately, responsiveness has been less than satisfactory, with many refusing to answer our questions.

It is being speculated that underage drinking was happening at this party, and that is why some teens are being apprehensive about coming forward with information. And honestly, I understand. We've all been there. But times have changed.

While underage drinking is an issue, the COVID-19 infections and risk to the public is an even bigger issue.

Governor Murphy said:

This isn't a witch hunt. we don't condone that, but this is a public health pursuit.

Health officials are asking parents to have their teenagers tested for the coronavirus and to self-isolate and contact a doctor if they have symptoms.

Middletown Mayor Tony Perry said:

We want to break the back of this infection. And if we can get that contact information and get some details, we are then able to contact those who may have been exposed to the coronavirus.

To the parents of the infected teens, implore them to do the responsible thing.

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