The newest COVID-19 trend? Shipping containers that are transformed into mini testing centers!

You will soon see these shipping containers in the parking lots of major shopping centers and municipal buildings around the Jersey Shore thanks to Mobile Health Solutions who according to, "is an affiliate of Red Bank-based Immediate Care Medial."

And these units being dispersed is happening for good reason.

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"I for one don't believe there are enough easy testing places available so we are bringing in a mobile testing unit," Marlboro Mayor Jonathan Hornik said. "It is the right thing to do."

So basically....a mobile COVID-19 testing center that can be placed wherever it is needed most!

"We just do it where there's high need, which apparently is everywhere in Central Jersey and North,” said Sal Cannizzaro, principal of Mobile Health Solutions and Immediate Care Medical.

These testing centers will be eight ft. wide and 20 ft. long and will include between 2 to 4 private testing room. PCR COVID-19 tests are available by appointment only.

And as helpful as it is that eight of their medical centers can test 1,000 people per day, the demand is much higher because of the state of the world.

"We are able to help more people in the communities we serve and beyond," Cannizzaro said. "When you have people begging and screaming, 'I need a test' and you're hammed with 30 people waiting and it's … at night, you know you have to do more than you're doing."

Well this is definitely a step in the right direction. Each appointment is expected to take about 10 minutes and each room will be fully sanitized between visits.

Hopefully this will help to take some of the pressure off of our local hospitals, medical centers and pharmacies that are JAM PACKED for COVID-19 tests.

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