A couple of big spenders ran up bills in the Howell Township Target on Route 9, and Brick Township's WalMart on Route 88, with fake credit cards using actual account numbers. Police in Howell hope that surveillance photos will jog someone's memory and lead to their arrests.

The incidents occurred on May 11, and are being pursued as an investigation of credit card fraud and theft. The suspects walked out with gift cards, iPads and other items, authorities said.

Howell Target credit theft suspect (Howell Township PD)

Police say that at least two victimized credit card holders are Howell Township residents, and that both identified victims still have their legitimately-issued credit cards.

Howell PD Detective Anthony Romano leads the investigation. If you have information that can advance the probe, he can be reached at aromano@howellpolice.org, or at 732-938-4575.

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