Robocalls are out of control, but there's a new scam that is plaguing the Jersey Shore.

The FCC, and authorities suggest that you never answer a call from a number you don't recognize. That's becoming increasingly difficult especially with robocall 'spoofing.' That's when a bogus number is created using the first three numbers of your phone number after the area code.

It's important to know that if you ever get a call that rings your phone once and hangs up, you should never call that number back!

Why? Scammers from outside of the country are hoping you will call back because you'll be charged a potentially large sum of money. Think of it as calling a 900 number. It may not be a one and done situation either. The same number could call and hang up several times. It's tempting, but don't call it back.

Recently, these 'one ring' calls have been displaying a (222) area code, but they could come from any unknown number. Not all scam calls are from Lithuania, although I've been getting a TON of calls from there lately.

If you think that this 'one ring' scam has affected you, be sure to check your phone statement online immediately. If you've been charged, work it out with your provider and file a complaint with the FCC.

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