Ever have a morning that starts off with so many errors that you don't think you can recover?

I know in life that there are MUCH more important things that matter, but some days just seem to get going the wrong way in every direction.

Did you ever have a morning like this?

I got in the car with no time to spare without being late for work, and realized that I forgot a spoon for my breakfast. Not only was it 14 degrees out, but I had to race inside and not fall on the ice and snow to grab a spoon and run.

I got to work, and realized that in my haste to jump out of the car to get the spoon, my phone must have fallen somewhere. I had to live with that for about an hour, worrying that it had fallen in the snow in my driveway, until we had a long enough song to race down four floors to the car.

I did find the phone in my car...inn that horrible spot between the front seat and the center console. You know, the place where lost things live for a very long time before you can find a tool to pull them out of there. So, instead, I risked breaking every bone in my hand to squeeze it down in there and get my phone. Then raced back up four flights of stairs.

A little while later, it dawned on me that I planned a Girl's Superbowl game night...for NEXT weekend. LOL! As you know, I am not a sports girl...and somehow missed all the hype that the Big Game was actually THIS weekend. So I texted (and woke up) my family and friends to reschedule the game night for this weekend. We'll see if anyone actually shows.

Moving on, I totally lost a very important email about something I HAD to get on the air. I looked through a week's worth of emails and couldn't find it anywhere. Just as I was about to wake up yet another victim before 7 am, I checked my deleted folder and realized that the email was sent to be during that big blizzard...and I suppose I couldn't remember how to save an important email while figuring out how to dig myself out, so I accidentally deleted it.

Then, while racing to the bathroom with a pen held in my ear/hair, it fell out. I went to grab it but missed, and it left ink all over my shirt. At the same time, I realized that I used the last of my hair spray yesterday. And hair spray is the only immediate way I know of to get pen stain out of a shirt. So, since it was an aerosol bottle, I sprayed and sprayed, hoping there was at least one drop left any to remove the ink, but the fumes left me choking for a good half hour. And the ink stain is still there.

It's not even 10 am yet. but things have GOT to get better!