Here are more upcoming dates for these special SK barbeques that we rave about!

(Photo by Mo Keane)

Although JBJ Soul Kitchen is usually a sit-down restaurant with servers bringing delicious, incredible, and unique dishes from master chefs over to your table for lunch, dinner, or brunch (see schedules below), every once in a while in the summer both the Red Bank and Toms River locations also have some fabulous indoor/outdoor all-you-can-eat BBQs!

With a friendly staff of volunteers that enjoy themselves just as much as you will, along with some of the best barbeque foods you will ever have fresh off the grill and with their homegrown ingredients, there is everything from the usual hot dog/ burger fare to some fabulous side dishes that are mouth-watering, and  even dessert!

(Photo by Cindy Sobieski)

$20 per person goes to feed those with food insecurity. That means you are paying for your meal PLUS paying it forward to help people who can't afford to eat a healthy meal. I really can't think of a better cause.

So bring your whole family. Even your kids will love this food!

The Toms River Soul Kitchen on Hooper Ave. will host two more summer BBQs on Sat. 7/13 and Sat. 8/10 from 4 pm - 7 pm. The Red Bank Soul Kitchen on Monmouth St. will hold two more summer BBQs on Sat. 7/27 and Sat. 8/17 from 4 pm - 7 pm.

(Photo by Cindy Sobieski)

(And listen to Lou & Liz in the morning to find out when Liz Jeressi and the teen jazz band Iced Water will be providing live music during a few of these wonderful barbecues!)

(Teen jazz band Iced Water performed at the Red Bank Soul Kitchen BBQ last weekend, photo by Liz Jeressi)