As Diane and I prepare the backyard for another great summer. we have some new residents in our backyard and they weren't invited.

We love the birds around our house and frequently feed them. Some of these friendly little guys have decided to make themselves at home, literally, in the safety of our outdoor shower.

We found a gorgeous decorative palm tree that doubles as an outdoor shower a few years back and decided to have it installed next to our hot tub, making that the perfect place for a quick rinse off, but maybe not the perfect place for a bird's nest overhead.

Obviously, we'd rather not have the threat of the birds relieving themselves above us when we're in the hot tub, but at the same time we would never touch the nest, for fear the little guys have eggs in there.

I guess we'll have to deal with it, unless anybody has a suggestion that would keep us out of the path of the birds' bodily functions, but keep the little nest and it's contents safe. If you do, feel free to comment below. Thanks!