Yesterday I told you about the world's most expensive cup of coffee.  Are you willing to pay $100 a cup?  Well, that is about to sound like a bargain after I tell you how much Disney is charging for their new drink.  Is it a shock Disney is overcharging us yet again?  This may qualify as the world's most expensive cocktail.

I can't imagine what ingredients could ever warrant a price of $5,000 per drink but that is exactly what this Star Wars-themed cocktail will cost you.

It is called the Kaiburry Crystal and you can only get it on Disney's new ocean liner cruise ship the Disney Wish.  Just to get on the ship it can cost up to $26K per person.  They serve it up (yes, it has been ordered already) in their Hyperspace Lounge.

Not for nuthin' but it is not even a full cocktail! Hello!?! A shot glass? Are you for real? That mouse has so much money you think he would be a heavy pour.

Disney has not spilled the beans on the ingredients of the magic elixir, so far it does not seem to give you special powers like enabling you to fly, time travel or even just file your own taxes. Now if the Kaiburry Crystal could do that it may be worth it, but probably not.

If you want to set sail on the brand-spankin' new Disney Wish they sail off on the 14th of this month so there is still time to climb aboard!  So come thirsty and drink up with Marvel and the Avengers!

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