In a viral TikTok video, a young child appears to have been left alone in their stroller at Disneyland.

Disneyland guest and TikTok user @marshmelow_cakez noticed the allegedly unsupervised boy outside of a women's restroom in the theme park and began recording a video.

In the footage, the boy can be seen sitting in his stroller, patiently waiting for family to return from the restroom for several minutes. An adult-sized jean jacket can be spotted draped over the back of the stroller, but no adult is in sight.

"Who would leave their kid here?" a voice asks off camera.

The video continues for more than a minute as the little boy sits alone unattended. Watch below:

In the comments section, viewers slammed the child's family for allegedly leaving him unsupervised in a crowded theme park.

"Anyone notice how calm he is? Not crying 'cause he can't see his mom. This baby is used to being left alone. So sad," one user wrote.

"[I don't care] if my son is two or seven, he is coming in the bathroom with me, or we are waiting for the family room to all go!" another viewer commented.

"They have family bathrooms. You can take your child out of the stroller and bring them with you. There is NO excuse!" another TikTok user chimed in.

In a follow-up video, user @marshmelow_cakez revealed she and her party waited for someone to return to make sure the child was safe.

However, the follow-up clip further infuriated TikTok, as when an adult woman finally returns to the child in the footage, she isn't alone but rather with another person.

"The worst part is there was two of them with him and they both decided to get in there together," @marshmelow_cakez captioned the second clip.

"Two of them?! They couldn't take turns watching their kid?!" one person commented on the follow-up clip.

"Oh, hell no. I would have made a scene, so everyone in a mile radius heard me and was staring at this woman… embarrassment might prevent a repeat offense," someone else shared.

"I would've gone in that bathroom so quick and yelled 'who left their kid outside unattended?!'" another commented.

A Disneyland Cast Member was eventually alerted to the situation.

"I didn’t make a scene but I did tell a [cast] member after she came out [of the restroom]," @marshmelow_cakez wrote.

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