A very common rule that I am seeing at the Jersey Shore is that dogs are not allowed ON the boardwalks.

Some say they are only not allowed while we are "in season" while others do now allow dogs on their boardwalks at all.

Dogs not being allowed on the beach, I think, is a bit more understandable. Having a dog running and frolicking around can result in people getting stepped on or having sand accidentally kicked in their face.

However, I don't think I understand the major risks involved with allowing dogs on the boardwalks?

I have heard multiple reasons such as it is already very crowded, the dog could bite other people, someone could step in poop, and there is food EVERYWHERE.

There is one major argument to every single one of these reasons: the responsibility falls on the owner. The owner needs to learn how their dog behaves and if they can handle themselves around large groups of people without getting aggressive. The owner needs to know to only bring his/her dog if they are well-enough trained to not swipe other people's food. And the owner needs to clean up after their own dog.

But if you add four-legged furry friends to the boardwalk mix, everyone gets to be outside, interact, and truly enjoy Summer the way it was meant to be.

So, what do you think?

Plus, wouldn't you want cuteness overload on the boardwalks this Summer?

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