I don't know how well this new piece of information is going to go over....but here we go...

For the past 10 months, all health professionals have been asking us to do is sanitize, social distance and wear a face mask.

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But according to some new studies, that may not be enough.

I found this article and video on CNBC.com and I have to say, my jaw is still on the floor.

Health professionals are now suggesting that residents double or even triple mask up because it will give you that much less of a chance of contracting COVID-19.

The reason behind this new study is because there is a new strain of the COVID-19 virus that has mutated to become that much more contagious.

According to this video, wearing two masks gives is considered to be 75% efficient and wearing three masks at the same time is 90% efficient.



I guess you don't consider breathing to be all that important, huh?

Here is my thought on this:

1. We can't even get some people to wear one mask and now you want to start pushing people to wear two or three? Isn't that a bit much?

2. I am not saying this new strain is not worth being wary over. However, a majority of people are working from home and doing the right things.

Shouldn't the people who are only leaving their homes to go grocery shopping (or the liquor store *cough* *cough*) be okay?

And I have already seen and heard of numerous occurrences of people who are at higher risk are simply just staying home.

Now by no means am I doctor or medical health professional.

But I am speaking as a member of the community who has worked to abide by CDC guidelines since the start. If you keep asking and asking...and then asking some more, people will get fed up big time and stop complying.

Here is the type of mask I suggest:


Its a hard line to tread.

BUT STILL: Mask up, Sanitize like every other second, and social distance like your life depends on it...because it actually does.

Take a look at all the medical health professionals said on the double and triple masking up at CNBC.com.

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