Ed Sheeran, is that you?

Many people claim to look like a celebrity — just consider Harry from Netflix's new season of Too Hot To Handle, who swears he's Harry Styles' doppelganger, but doesn't look a thing like him.

However, a Reddit user shared a snap of his great aunt that will definitely make you do a double take, because she looks strikingly similar to the "Shivers" crooner.

Eduard Hromkovič from Copenhagen, Denmark, posted the photo of his relative and readers had a field day over the uncanny resemblance between his great aunt and Sheeran.

Eduard told Newsweek he found the picture "during a family reunion a couple of years ago."

"There were about 200 people there. My family is pretty big and spread out over a lot of different countries," he explained, adding someone had made a "kind of family tree" that showed "pictures of the older generations."

Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images / Eduard Hromkovič, Reddit
Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images / Eduard Hromkovič via Reddit

"So I went through it, because I didn't really know all of my extended family," he continued. "And there it was, the picture of my great aunt." Hanging on the wall was a  photo of a woman he described as "the spitting image" of the 30-year-old redheaded superstar.

Eduard noted he was shocked by the photo. "I had to take a second look and even asked multiple family members to check it out for themselves," he continued. "All of them confirmed that she actually does look like Ed Sheeran."

Eduard doesn't know if his family has an actual connection to the "Shape of You" singer, but he's open to the possibility.

"Well, you never know, right? From what I know, most of our family lives [in] and comes from Slovakia. But if you go back far enough, there is a Croatian background," he said. "I kind of doubt there is a connection though, unfortunately."

As for Eduard's great aunt, she's very much alive and resides in western Slovakia. He believes it's "pretty safe to assume she is aware of Sheeran's existence and, at the very least, knows his music."

After sharing the photos on Reddit, users were blown away, with one dubbing Eduard's great aunt "Edna Sheeran."

"Kinda savage to your granny but it really is uncanny lol," another user commented, while a third pondered: "Omg. I keep thinking if people had cameras in the past, we would see a lot of similar looking faces. How many faces can be made? 7 billion?"

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