A 27-year-old man in Hamilton, N.J. picked the wrong pair when he attempted to carjack two elderly sisters.

The sisters, 93 and 94-years-old fought back.

According to Fox5 New York, Sergio Fernando Solorzano-Vasquez got into their car and hid in the backseat when the ladies went to shop inside a CVS.

When they got back into the car, Solorzano-Vasquez reportedly started swinging a knife and threatening the women.

(Mistake #1. Never try to fight an old lady. You never know what they are capable of.)

The 94-year-old driver tried to hit him while the younger sister got out and started to scream for help.

When the coward realized he was not in for an easy score, he ran away. He was seen on several surveillance videos in the area and was later arrested and is facing attempted carjacking, aggravated assault and weapons charges.


The sisters wanted to keep their names private and declined being interviewed, but according to police, are doing fine.

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