We don’t have to pump our own gas in Jersey, but will we have to charge our own vehicles?  According to a National Geographic Article, there is a projection that most U.S vehicles will be electric by 2030, only 11 years from now!  If the researchers are accurate with their scientifically based estimates, 90% of all passenger vehicles in the United States, Canada, Europe and other wealthy countries could be electric (EV) by 2040, which means gasoline/diesel engines could be put in the same category as the horse-and-buggy.  For those of you thinking, “that’ll never happen…,” I have two words for you, television and internet.  Some people thought those two concepts would never happen either.  There are more EVs on the road and we have already witnessed the decline in the number of gas stations in the U.S.  The number of retail refueling sites fell from 202,800 to 152,995 between 1994 and 2013.  Two years later, that number dropped to approximately 150,000.  The environmental bonus is a reduction of oil usage as well as CO2 emissions.  That means less pollution and better air quality.  Do you think clear cutting of forests with mature tree canopies in order to construct a large-scale gas station is a smart choice based on these future predictions?  Environment groups throughout the state are raising awareness to help save open space, preserve farmland, protect wildlife, safeguard our waterways and minimize residential/commercial sprawl development.  Learn more about the Monmouth Conservation Foundation and their efforts on preserving land throughout Monmouth County.

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