Everyone is scared. Everyone is nervous. And everyone is extremely cautious these days and it is not difficult to see why.

This pandemic has flipped our worlds upside down and now that the world is slowly starting to reopen, a lot of people are hesitant to return to crowded places.

One of those crowded places is the elevator and I totally understand people's fears.

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But according to NJ.com, yes it is safe to ride in elevators during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to infectious disease specialist and Rutgers professor, Dr. David Cennimo, we just have to follow certain guidelines to be extra careful.

Because the virus can be passed along by two people simply touching the same surface, wash or sanitize your hands IMMEDIATELY after touching anything -- especially elevator buttons.  Who knows how many people have touched the same area.

You should also wear a face mask, especially if others are in the elevator with you.

The maximum number of people that should be in an elevator at once is 4 people. This way, all people can stick to their own corner of the elevator to try and practice some form of social distancing, even in a closed in space.

If you are expected to return to your workplace within the next few weeks and there is an elevator, hopefully this information puts your mind at ease.

Remember....we will beat this thing.

Stay safe. Sending good vibes only.

Take a look at the original article at NJ.com.

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