“Can you Solve It Sherlock?” asks owner and business entrepreneur Cat Farrar as she invites you to her new Escape Room located at the Asbury Circle (next to Perkins). I’ve got the exclusive for you with a sneak peek inside the “Pirates of the Golden Skull” room and the anticipated Egyptian Tomb experience.

Inspired by a Haunted House Trade Show and escape room in St. Louis, Cat contacted me to help her find a commercial location for her Solve It Sherlock vision. What started as an idea is now reality with the help and support from her friends and family (especially Mom and her fiancé). The “Pirates of the Golden Skull” room was designed especially for Jersey Shore residents. Don’t you feel special? Transport yourself to a different time, put your skills to the test as you race against the clock to find your escape.

Friends, family, and co-workers will enjoy the team-building fully immersive interactive gaming phenomena that is gaining in popularity. CLICK HERE for rooms and booking information. Check back because I will have details on the soft opening, which is happening very soon. Have you ever been to an escape room? Feel free to share your experience and comment below.

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