This house is a dream, how about that indoor pool. That's my dream.

This house for sale in Tom River is just amazing and huge. The amenities are incredible. Imagine swimming all year long, you can at this house. Imagine having friends over in your home theater, you can at this house, all for a cool $1,800,000, and yes a snow melting system. This Toms River house for sale is located at 1358 Vincenzo Driveaccording to This is a 5 bedroom house with 4 full bathrooms and 2 1/2 baths. INDOOR POOL this is a dream come true. It's snowing outside and 15 degrees and you're swimming in New Jersey. How awesome would this be? Check it out:

Check Out This House For Sale 1358 Vincenzo Drive, Toms River, NJ

Thanks to, there are over 5500 square feet, two-plus acres, a 38-foot high ceiling pitch the family room, a home theater, and that indoor Olympic-like pool has a roof that opens in the summer. This amazing home has an elevator and the home theater room seats 15 of your closest friends. Pass the popcorn, please. Speaking of the indoor pool, there's even a diving board.

The Patio and Deck is something that a lot of people can fit on. There is room for lots and lots of family. The fireplace looks amazing with stones all the way up to the ceiling and the kitchen has that beautiful marble. I can't believe this house is still for sale for over 175 days. If you buy it, invite me over, please.

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