It seems like my entire Facebook newsfeed is full of people who took the quiz to find their soulmate...and it's super easy.

Unfortunately, it seems to not work as well on Google Chrome, but other internet browsers, including mobile, don't seem to have a problem. You also might encounter a problem if you have ad-blockers installed.

Have you seen people all over Facebook finding their 'soulmate'? (CaptainQuizz)

The 'quiz' comes from CaptainQuizz and you will have to give the app access to your Facebook account for this. You have the option to limit what info you give the app access to, but then you simply click a button, and it gives you your result!

So, to get started, visit the CaptainQuizz soulmate app by clicking HERE.

When you get to that screen, you'll simply click the blue button that says, "Find out who your true soulmate is" and you'll get your result!

Mine? One of my very best friends, Sean, who I've known and loved since he first came up to me at my locker in 7th grade to ask if I'd go out with his friend. (LOLz)

Full disclosure: I usually don't like doing these things because of the threat of adware and spyware and all kinds of other nonsense, and I'll likely delete the CaptainQuizz app from my Facebook security setting and do a spyware/virus sweep when I'm done because I'm slightly paranoid!