How crazy is this?  Imagine, you’re outside walking your dog when you look up and see a plane getting closer and closer.  Pretty soon you realize that your lawn is going to be a makeshift runway for that plane.  That's what happened in Somerset County when a pilot flying to North Carolina had a New Jersey Mayday moment.

I have no problem flying. In fact, I enjoy it. Usually, because it means we are going on some sort of vacation and margaritas are waiting for me. However, private airplanes are a hard no thank you. I've been on them and the entire time it felt like I was riding in some sort of toy. I hear of too many crashes to take part in that adventure.

Just yesterday, a pilot was trying to land at Hillsborough airport when he decided to abandon the landing.  That is when he clipped a tree and spun out of control sending his plane straight into someone’s yard.

After the crash, the pilot crawled out of the plane (which was on fire) and walked across the street to meet the police. I can’t even imagine witnessing something like this!

Amazingly, other than a non-life-threatening head injury, the pilot was fine!  As a result, roads were closed and a clean-up will be necessary. How do you feel about flying small planes?  I know one person who you won't see going for a fly, my co-host Lou Russo.  When I hear stories like this, I'm starting to feel the same way!  Thankfully no one got seriously hurt!  You can see a photo of it and read more about it from The Patch here.

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