A few of my coworkers decided to start up a Fantasy Football league, and when they asked if I wanted in, I said, "Sure! Why not?"

The why not? I know very little about the NFL...and precisely ZIP about Fantasy Football. So I need your help.

David Lee, Thinkstock

The good news is, I'm not completely dense about football, I'm just more into college ball than pro ball. Most of what I've learned about the NFL was from Duzzy making me watch Hard Knocks (which I'm surprisingly into.)

The worst part? Our (live) draft is tomorrow night. I lucked out and wound up second in the draft order, and I have some semblance of an idea of how it all works, but some big questions remain.

We are doing a modified PPR league (.5 point per reception.) A few people have said I should stock up on running backs before wide receivers or QBs, while others have said I should grab WRs first, and still others have advised me to go with a QB first since I'm early in the draft order.

I know who the top players are in each position, I just don't know which strategy makes more sense...especially because each article I read recommends something different, for seemingly no reason.

So, I ask you, seasoned Fantasy Footballers...what the heck do I do?? Any tips or recommendations would be thoroughly appreciated (maybe not by my co-workers, but certainly by me!)