The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought on a lot of worry among our younger generations this year.

A lot of kids have been asking: "Will Santa still be able to travel and deliver presents around the world in 2020?"

Santa is considered to be in the "higher risk" age range so I do get the concern.

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Back in November, the nation's top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said that he believed Santa is immune to COVID-19.

But now he took it one step further to put kids' minds at ease.

Dr. Fauci reveals that he flew to the North Pole himself to give Santa a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine himself.

“Well, I have to say, I took care of that for you, because I was worried that you’d all be upset,” Fauci said. “So, what I did a little while ago, I took a trip up there to the North Pole. I went there, and I vaccinated Santa Claus myself."

FEWF! And even better.....Fauci performed some tests on Santa after giving him the vaccine and we only have good news.

"I measured his level of immunity, and he is good to go," continued Fauci. “He can come down the chimney, he can leave the presents, he can leave and you have nothing to worry about.”

THANK GOODNESS....Christmas can go on as planned.

You can listen to Dr. Fauci recount going to the North Pole yourself by heading to

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