Fisher-Price has once again recalled 4.7 million infant sleepers after 100 infant fatalities have been reported.

This is the second nationwide recall the company has issued for its Rock n’ Play Sleepers, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The original recall was announced on April 12, 2019, when over 30 fatalities were reported to have occurred in the Rock n’ Play Sleepers after the infants rolled from their backs to their stomachs or side while unrestrained, or under other circumstances.

Since the recall, approximately 70 additional fatalities have been reported, including 8 reported after the 2019 recall was issued.

That makes 100 deaths reported while infants were in the products.

In some of the reports, Fisher-Price was unable to confirm the circumstances of the incidents or that the product was a Rock n’ Play Sleeper, the CPSC said.

The Rock n’ Play Sleepers were sold through retailers such as Target, Walmart, and Amazon from September 2009 through April 2019 for between $40 and $149.

Consumers who bought the sleepers should stop using them immediately and contact Fisher-Price for a refund or a voucher.

For more information on the recall visit, Fisher-Price online, click on “Recalls and Safety Alerts” or call 800-432-5437.

Jen Ursillo is a reporter and anchor for New Jersey 101.5. You can reach her at

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