Whenever you get annoyed when someone associates you with the cast of 'Jersey Shore," one of the names you can thank is Sallyann Salsano. She's the creator of the reality show, and Sallyann is ready to get back to work!

The good news is that this trainwreck is going to be far from the Jersey Shore. 'Floribama Shore' was filmed in Panama City Beach, Florida, but will follow the same formula of 'Jersey Shore.' MTV promises all the fights, drama and hookups that plagued Seaside. They've even replaced the infamous duck phone with an alligator phone, no joke.

MTV, YouTube
MTV, YouTube

The network says gear up for a "glimpse of eight Southerners living it up on the Gulf Coast's hottest beach."

'Floribama Shore' premieres Monday, November 27 at 10 p.m. on MTV, y'all.

Here's a preview.

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