Do you have a pile in your shed or in/around the house of stuff that you've been meaning to get rid of or haven't thought you could get rid of?

The opportunities are somewhat ever-present but there are four specific times, dates and locations in Ocean County where you can give your hazardous waste taking up space the ole heave-ho.

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Ocean County has a free Household Hazardous Waste Program.

If you didn't know, now you know!

Through this program, you can compile all your hazardous waste materials and ride them on down to a collection/public works facility.

So far this year, Ocean County Commissioners announced on Thursday that the county has collected nearly 114,000 pounds of household hazardous waste to date.

You can now help the county raise that number but be sure to make an appointment before you go to any of the following facilities on the mentioned days and times. att, by emailing or calling 732-506-5047.

Here are the Ocean County collection dates, scheduled from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm:

· July 24 – Jackson Township Public Works, 95 West Veterans Highway

· Aug. 21 – Lacey Township Public Works, 820 Municipal Lane

· Sept. 11 – Brick Township Public Works, 836 Ridge Road

· Oct. 30 – Long Beach Township, 7910 Long Beach Boulevard

“This program has helped our residents safely dispose of hazardous materials for over 30 years,” Ocean County Board of Commissioners Gary Quinn, who serves as liaison to the Ocean County Department of Solid Waste Management, said in a statement. “I am happy to announce that we have set up more collection dates for this year. We take great pride in our environment in Ocean County and this helps reduce the potential for environmental damage. I encourage residents to take advantage of these opportunities to help get rid of household hazardous waste safely.”

These are the items that CAN be dropped off: aerosols, auto products, cleaning products, chemicals/pool chemicals, fire extinguishers, waste oil and gasoline, herbicides/pesticides, mercury-containing devices, paint thinners, polyurethanes/polishes, propane/tanks and stains/varnishes.

These are the items that CANNOT be dropped off: asbestos, batteries, construction debris, electronics, explosives (including boat flares), infectious waste (“red bag” waste), motor oil, medications, needles/syringes, oxygen tanks, paint and paint cans, radioactive materials, smoke detectors and unknown/unidentifiable chemicals.

All materials, with the exception of oil and gasoline, Keep everything in the original containers expect for oil and gas as well.

The Ocean County Commissioners said that there is a limit of 200 pounds of dry materials and 20 gallons of liquid material allowed per household and no containers larger than five gallons will be accepted.

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