While it is a difficult decision to make, five months ago freehold resident Keri Levy and her family had decided to euthanize their 15 year old dog, Caeser, who was suffering from Cushing's disease, an endocrine disorder, and was diagnosed as "terminally ill."

However, Andrea Oliviera the veterinarian technician who is being accused of taking the dog and keeping him alive for five months without the family's knowledge is being charged with animal cruelty.

Levy explained that she received an anonymous phone call explaining that their dog had in fact, not been euthanized and immediately questioned the workers at Briarwood Veterinary Hospital. New management had since taken over and the veterinary technician under question no longer worked at this location.

Law enforcement got involved and brought Caeser back to the hospital where he had a short reunion with his family and then was put to sleep.

Monmouth County SPCA Chief Ross Licitra said that the veterinary tech, "had no right to do that; it's not her dog."

While the family claims that after seeing him during their short reunion they thought he looked frail and neglected, police said that the dog appeared to have been well taken care of during those five months.

However after doing some research, at an alternate news source states that law enforcement commented that the dog had lost a noticeable amount of weight and that his health had seemed to decline.

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