It is sad enough that the trips to NYC that so many of us looked forward to in order to see a Broadway show have been cancelled. Broadway will remain dark until at least after Labor Day. But the first permanent casualty is the Disney show Frozen.

Covid-19 has claimed its first Broadway show victim. Frozen will not reopen. And this is a tragedy for all of the families who were saving up to get those tickets or to those who had made advanced reservations and were looking forward to the joy on their kids' faces once there.

When a show is so amazing, you expect that it could run for years and years (Wicked, for example.) And that gives you plenty of time to see it.

But the bottom line is that Disney Theatrical Productions thinks that once Broadway does reopen, families won't be able to afford to see all three of the Disney shows that were running prior to Covid-19, and so they are sacrificing Frozen in order to help The Lion King and Alladin survive and thrive. This is based on projections that the Broadway world will look a lot different in the wake of this pandemic.

My heart also goes out to all of the performers and stage crews who are already suffering so much over a loss of work but who now won't have a show to go back to or a cast and crew to say goodbye to.

I miss Broadway shows and hope we can all support this industry once it is back up and running.

Is there a Broadway show you had hoped to see? I never saw Wicked and now hope that one will reopen someday.

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