So I know I'm not the only one excited to see gas below $3/gallon (still too high!!) but last night while I was filling up at the gas station, something happened that just really annoyed me.

Gas Prices
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I try to always pay for gas with cash at stations that charge extra for using credit. Last night I was at one of those stations, and so normally, the pump clicks off on it's own, and the attendant comes over and pumps it up to the next dollar.

The pump clicked off at $36.37. The attendant proceeded to manually pump $36.50.


This has happened before, and I know the hand them the paper money, and they claim they'll 'be right back' with the change...5 minutes later you might get your 50 cents, but most people get impatient and just leave.

NOT HAPPENING. I'm getting my change back, thank you very much.

Is it petty? Yes. Do I usually wind up throwing extra change like that in a tip jar if I'm at a coffee shop or sandwich place or something? Yep.

I don't know why, but for some reason, it really bothers me at the gas station. Maybe it's because I resentfully spend so much money there, or maybe it's just a weird quirky thing.

I also hate dealing with metal change. It's just a pain.

He couldn't have just pumped it up to $37? I know, I know, maybe he was worried about overfilling the tank. Every other time I get gas, they can get it to the next dollar. It's never overflowed.

As for last night? I fished two quarters out of my cup holder.

Do you have any weird pet peeves at the gas station? Tell us in the comment section below!

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